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High school senior Haley Suarez is relieved to be out of the closet. After worrying about what her family and friends would say when they found out she was a lesbian, their unconditional support means the world to her. Best of all for Haley the gossip around her at school came and went quickly. But when just a couple of weeks from graduation beautiful cheerleader Kate Monroe starts to talk to her, and maybe even flirt with her, she isn’t sure what to do. Kate has been her crush for years, but is way out of Haley’s league. What could perfect Kate see in average in every way Haley? Plus, wasn’t Kate straight? As Kate turns up around Haley more and more, with flimsy excuses and sly jokes, Haley gets to know the less than perfect side of Kate that makes her see the person and not the cheerleader. Haley can’t keep denying what everyone in her life (including her worst enemy) has been telling her: Kate may actually like her. But as Haley is figuring out, being out doesnt mean shes entirely comfortable with it. If she wants Kate then shes going to have to stop worrying about what other people might say or think. But that’s easier said than done. Haley has to decide if being with Kate is worth the attention it will bring. Or will her insecurities about being a lesbian prevent her from taking a chance on Kate, and ultimately, on herself?

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